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In the dynamic landscape of professional development, companies with earn and learn programs have emerged as beacons of opportunity for individuals seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge while earning a living. These programs bridge the gap between theoretical learning and practical application, providing a unique avenue for personal and professional growth. In this article, we delve into the transformative power of earn and learn initiatives offered by leading companies, exploring how they not only educate but also empower individuals to excel in their chosen fields.


Since the year 2016, Pinterest’s tech apprenticeship initiative has been on the lookout for promising and ambitious professionals emerging from unconventional backgrounds. The program strategically pairs apprentices with both a manager and a mentor, providing them with valuable access to a spectrum of training courses, technical guidance, and collaborative team projects.

 Pinterest's tech apprenticeship

This immersive computer coding apprenticeship extends over a span of up to one year, with the potential to evolve into a full-time position. The assignments are diverse, with apprentices commonly engaging in projects aligned with the organization’s growth objectives or product engineering teams.

Prospective applicants deemed eligible should possess self-motivation, proficiency in at least one programming language, and a solid understanding of software architecture and coding principles. Whether self-taught, graduates of coding bootcamps, or individuals holding degrees unrelated to computer science, Pinterest warmly encourages candidates from historically underrepresented groups in the tech industry to submit their applications.


Embarking on the Microsoft Leap Apprenticeship Program opens pathways for budding tech enthusiasts with unconventional backgrounds. Apprentices immerse themselves in a blend of structured classroom learning and hands-on experience. Engaging in projects spanning Xbox, Office365, and Bing, they traverse a dynamic learning landscape.

Microsoft Leap Apprenticeship Program

The Microsoft tech apprenticeship initiative extends over 16 weeks, offering diverse career trajectories such as business program manager, data analyst, and software engineer. Geographical locations for these roles present a spectrum of possibilities.

To qualify, prospective candidates should boast a minimum of six months in professional software development or project management. Additionally, completion of a coding bootcamp or a comparable program, ideally in project management, is a prerequisite. The program seeks to embrace a tapestry of experiences, injecting vitality into the tech realm.


Unveiling REACH, LinkedIn’s innovative engineering apprenticeship initiative—an avenue beckoning fervent learners without advanced tech training. This coding apprenticeship, a gateway to programming prowess and engineering expertise, unfolds with enticing opportunities for mentorship and on-the-job training.

 LinkedIn's innovative engineering apprenticeshi


In unlocking pathways to tech careers for individuals without advanced degrees, the IBM Apprenticeship Program provides immersive training, mentorship, and avenues for skill enhancement. Apprentices seamlessly integrate into project teams, collaborating with seasoned professionals across diverse domains.

IBM Apprenticeship Program

IBM extends apprenticeship opportunities across various locations and disciplines, encompassing application development, system programming, and system administration. Apprentices undergo over 300 hours of remote training, delving into the fundamentals of computer science.

The prerequisites and duties vary based on the role, yet apprentices typically possess a foundational understanding of the field, with no strict requirement for prior tech experience or formal degrees. These programs span a dynamic 12-month period and may pave the way for secure full-time employment.


Embarking on Google’s tech apprenticeship program opens doors to diverse opportunities spanning the globe. Whether you’re eyeing roles in bustling cities like Atlanta, Chicago, New York, or San Francisco, each location unveils unique professional pathways in areas such as data analytics and information technology.

Google's tech apprenticeship program

The apprenticeship duration, be it 12 or 20 months, is determined by the specific role, providing a hands-on experience in digital skills complemented by external training. Beyond the prospect of securing a full-time career, successful graduates stand to receive a coveted certificate from Google, marking their accomplishment.

Prospective candidates must showcase exceptional academic prowess in their chosen field. Notably, applicants are ineligible if they already hold a bachelor’s degree in the field of their apprenticeship, although possessing a degree in an alternative discipline is perfectly acceptable.

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The Airbnb Connect Software Engineering Apprenticeship, in collaboration with the Kapor Center, offers a unique opportunity for individuals to kickstart their careers in the tech and travel industry. The six-month coding apprenticeship program is designed to provide a pathway for apprentices to secure entry-level positions within Airbnb’s software engineering team.

Airbnb Connect Software Engineering Apprenticeship

Participants in this tech apprenticeship not only gain valuable skills but also receive full-time employment, competitive pay, and benefits. It’s important to note that eligible applicants must be residents of the San Francisco Bay Area. The program curriculum encompasses coding courses, mentorship, and team placement in the later stages of the apprenticeship, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

To be eligible for this program, applicants should not possess a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Instead, the focus is on individuals with coding skills acquired through courses, bootcamps, and certificates. While basic knowledge of programming languages and development frameworks is required, applicants should not have more than one year of professional tech experience.

In summary, the Airbnb Connect Software Engineering Apprenticeship is a fantastic opportunity for individuals in the Bay Area to enter the tech and travel industry, offering a structured six-month program that combines education, mentorship, and hands-on experience with the possibility of securing a full-time position within Airbnb’s software engineering team.


In a collaborative effort, Accenture and Aon have successfully nurtured over 1,000 apprentices across more than 35 cities nationwide through their apprentice initiative, an offshoot of the Chicago Apprentice Network established in 2017. Their ambitious alliance sets a target to introduce an additional 10,000 apprenticeships by the year 2030.

Accenture and Aon

Distinguished by a fusion of classroom instruction and hands-on experience, the program imparts comprehensive training in corporate IT and technology. Spanning a duration of 12 months, apprentices actively contribute as business analysts within an agile scrum team.

Beyond the valuable apprenticeship certification, participants in the Accenture program concurrently attain associate degrees in business from a local college, enhancing their educational repertoire. A noteworthy outcome is that many apprentices secure permanent positions within the organization. The expansive apprenticeship network also extends opportunities in cybersecurity, retail management, and insurance, providing a diverse range of career pathways.

FAQs About Earn and Learn Programs

1. How Do Earn and Learn Programs Function?

Earn and Learn Programs typically combine on-the-job training with formal education. Employees, or participants, split their time between gaining practical experience within the company and pursuing relevant academic coursework. This dual-focus approach ensures a well-rounded skill set that aligns with the company’s needs.

2. What Are the Benefits for Employees?

Participating in an Earn and Learn Program provides Companies with Earn and Learn Programs with a unique chance to enhance their skills while earning a wage. This not only accelerates their professional growth but also alleviates financial burdens associated with traditional education. Moreover, these programs often open doors to career advancement within the company.

3. How Do Companies Benefit?

Companies adopting Earn and Learn Programs experience numerous advantages. Firstly, it allows them to mold talent according to their specific needs, ensuring a workforce that seamlessly integrates with the company’s goals. Additionally, investing in employee development contributes to a positive corporate image, attracting top-tier talent and setting the company apart in a competitive job market.

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